Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery shows images of the flock and farm taken during different seasons in the Upper Alde Valley.

White House Farm ~ spring morning.

Over-wintering lambs - photo byKate Eshelby.

Lambing time.

Soon after turn out at lambing.

One of our wildflower headlands.

Butterfly mound.

One of our Texel Rams.

Tiger the farm yard cat ~ photo by Doug Atfield.


In the barns ~ morning light.

Mother and tow healthy lambs ~ photo by Holly Jarman.

Dandelions in the pastures.

Mustard planted for winter bird seeds

Spring morning.

Shearing crew hard at work on the farm - each sheep takes the team about 55 seconds to shear.

Turn out after shearing.

The Alde Valley Lamb flock grazing on flood meadows on a cool misty spring morning.